Free design solution
Testing of your samples
Complete production in our company in 10 weeks

Assembly and implementation in your line
Service even after the warranty period
Technical support - consultation with a engineer

Quality and fast delivery time

We specialize in the design and complete delivery of technical solutions for product delivery. Our services are based on our extensive experience in automation as well as on delivery speed. The Solidworks graphics program allows us to achieve the best results in the barfeeder design process. We also use 3D printers to produce prototypes.

From design to installation

Feeders and accessories will be manufactured and tuned based on an approved design. We will then bring the equipment to your service in the shortest possible time, install it and perform a final debugging with trial operation and operator training.

Our experienced mechanical designers and designers will design not only a technical solution for product delivery, but also a complete design of automation of production, assembly and testing processes. More information is available at www.trystom.cz

What you will get from working with us?

A stable and reliable partner in the field of automation

  • Many years of experience of our employees
  • Access to modern technology
  • Service and technical support beyond warranty

We cooperate as a subcontractor with other manufacturers of      single-purpose machines

If you are a manufacturer of single-purpose machines and production lines, we can supply you with feeding technology quickly and with quality service. All while maintaining subcontracting relationships with the end customer.

We will perform an analysis and performance estimation

We'll produce and get everything working within 10 weeks

Guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service
From the provided samples, we will simulate the process and the feed rate. From the observed behaviour of the sample, we will design the feeder model.
We manufacture with surgical precision and a keen eye for detail, thanks to our long-established track record of producing medical equipment to exacting standards.
We also subcontract the service and can guarantee very fast technical interventions including telephone support.

Honest Czech tailor-made production

Our assembly engineers and designers have a great eye for detail, working in a perfectly clean environment and with high precision. The state-of-the-art 3D software program Solidworks allows us to achieve the best possible designs, and a 3D printer is also used to produce prototypes. 

Once the design is approved, we then manufacture the device within 10 weeks, bring it to you for commissioning, install it, perform a final test run and train your operators.

Service guarantee within 24 hours

Our specialist is at your disposal for the entire period of cooperation. He will respond flexibly to any of your requirements, not only during the design process, but also during service.

Any repairs and adjustments are dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid downtime in your production. Spare parts and accessories are supplied as a matter of course.

We have been a reliable partner in the automation industry for over 30 years

We are fast and we design machines that serve well for many years. And when we talk about quality and fast service, these are not just empty words. But we prefer to let our customers and their experiences speak for themselves.

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